Should You Choose a General Tutor or a Course Specific Tutor?

Choosing between a general or subject specific tutor?

Are you a parent looking for a tutor to help your child during exam season? Or are you an adult who is wanting to develop their knowledge? Either way, a tutor will be of great help. One-to-one and specialised teaching will give you or your loved one the time you need to truly grasp the information.

But a question you need to ask first is, should you pick to have a general tutor or a course specific one? Both will be beneficial to your studies and can offer you different advantages.

Let us first look at the difference between the two options.

General tutor

A general tutor will be knowledgeable of a lot of topics. They will often have an understanding of the core subjects such as mathematics, English and science but may also be able to teach outside studies like geography or history.

Most of the time, these types of tutors will have enough knowledge of a subject to guide students through examinations and impart understanding of particular topics.

Course specific tutor

You would employ a course specific tutor to assist and provide deep understanding of a specific subject or topic. If you or a loved one are struggling to grasp a certain concept then you can seek the help of a tutor who has a comprehensive knowledge of it.

While these types of tutors cannot offer a rounded education, they are perfect for providing in-depth and expert knowledge.

Benefits of a general tutor

It is no secret that a good teacher can make a big difference in an individual’s education and enthusiasm for a subject. While in school it is difficult to tailor their teaching to suit specific needs due to the quantity of students.

That is why many people are opting to employ a general tutor to act as an add-on to their education.

Some benefits of hiring a general tutor would be:

  • Rounded teaching of core subjects
  • Guidance through state examinations
  • Knowledge of important topics

Benefits of a course specific tutor

A course specific tutor can tailor their lessons to a specific student’s needs, exploring different learning styles to find one that fits them. They can help them to develop their understanding in a single subject they may have otherwise struggled with.

Sometimes , a course specific tutor is not focused on guiding their students through exams or tests, but instead encouraging them to engage with the subjects at a deeper level and therefore gaining a in-depth understanding.

Just a few benefits of employing a course specific tutor are:

  • Ability to provide a deep understanding of a particular subject
  • Able to use time to explore different areas of a topic
  • Incredibly knowledgeable about their chosen subject

Whether you opt for a general or course specific tutor, you can feel rest assured that either you or a loved one will benefit massively from their time. They will help to develop a lifelong love of learning and instill confidence. For an example of what a great tutor profile/resume might look like, check out this Revision Centre page dedicated to finding a GCSE biology tutor near me or this govenment documentation on how tutors can help.